Winning Google For Local Business!

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The question that you need to ask as a business owner is, “Am I there to meet them when they're looking for me?”

If you are not in the Google "Local 3 Pack" you are losing business to your competitors.


Bobby Reid

So What Is The "Local 3 Pack"

For example when a person enters a google search for say Electrician  in their location.

Google returns first any google paid advertisements and then the “The Local 3 Pack”.  (see the image)

The "Local 3 Pack" is driven by your "Google My Business" listing.

Before I answer How...

let’s look at Why!

Google is where people go when they want something, unlike other social media platforms.

This means there is often what is called commercial intent.

So it makes sense that you show up when people want to buy your product or service and you showcase yourself in the best possible way.

At the end of the day what the majority of business owners want a consistent supply of new customers and sales.

That's the bottom line.

This is why I place a high value on REVIEWS (a modern form of “word of mouth marketing”) but more about that later.

So how do you get into “The Local 3 Pack”.

The first thing to understand is google's intention, and that is to match the search terms with the most relevant content relative to the search term.

Your Google My Business listing needs to have accurate content that reflects what you do ie your services and or products.

Make sure the name of the business, location and phone numbers are accurate (called NAP for short).

Create written keyword rich posts  about your service or products. 

These need to be updated regularly as posts are no longer able to be viewed after 7 days.

Photos of your service or products with geotag data included.

Add Services or Product lists.

Ensure your website has the correct NAP included in your website sitemap, this must match your GMB listing and must be able to be searched by google.

Have consistent NAP info in any other directory listings, these are called citations where your business details are online.

Set up direct dial from GMB and call now action button on posts

There are a number of other advanced services we provide and we call this “The L3P Method”. 

The L3P Method creates Google Site Authority for GMB using some and more of the following:

  • Advanced Keyword Research for posts
  • Geo Tagging of images
  • Google Authority Stacks
  • Youtube SEO Optimisation
  • Google Review System (L3P)
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